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Brown Thumb Seed Collection

Some of us are natural green thumbs and others are not so much, they are often known as brown thumb gardeners.With this collection, you can embrace your fellow brown thumb gardener or novice gardener and help to motivate them to grow veggies successfully. Five of the varieties are direct seeded into the ground plus one tomato that can easily be started indoors on a bright windowsill. The snap peas and bush beans grow without having to put up supports, the lettuce packet can supply an entire season of salads, Diva cucumber produces all females flowers so successful pollination won’t be an issue and the carrots are an early type that can be harvested at baby sized or full-sized and the tomato- Gardeners Delight is a large cherry type offering the ease of a successful and abundant harvest, and nothing says green thumb when you can grow a tomato! 


Perfect as a gift! Or take the guesswork out of starting a specialty garden! These carefully curated selections come attractively packaged in a decoratively wrapped recyclable box with each of the seeds listed, and an instructional insert with plenty of growing tips. We are so excited to share some of our favorites with you! Contents may vary slightly based on product availability.