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BON APPETIT CORN (HYBRID 71 days) SE -Discontinued

Germ 7-14 days
A Tablesweet® variety. TSW is a new breakthrough in corn breeding which in this corn combines tenderness, high sugar content, and good storage qualities. Plant after the soil temperature reaches 60 degrees. Grows to 80” tall, producing 8” ears with pale yellow and white kernels. 150 seeds


Outdoors- 1” deep, late spring when soil is at least 60 degrees. Thin to 8-12” apart. Plant in blocks (4-5 rows, 24-36” apart) to help with pollination.

Harvest- Ready to be picked approximately 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after silks appear. Silks become dry and brown. The kernels should be plump and full. Test by pressing your fingertip into a kernel, looking for a “milky’ appearance. Best picked in the morning and refrigerate/cool right away.

Tips- Keep weeded and well watered. Plant in fertile soil and add a high-nitrogen organic fertilizer every few weeks until tassels form.