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Thought you couldn't grow corn because you are tight on growing space due to a small yard or city living, then this is the corn to try. One of the only corns that can be grown in containers, it is 3 feet tall and produces 3-5 mini ears on each plant. It has a classic sweet corn flavor when picked young and matures into a beautiful jade blue. Like most standard corn, pick immediately prior to cooking for the best flavor. 25 seeds



Outdoors- 1” deep, late spring when soil is at least 60 degrees. Thin to 8-12” apart. Plant in blocks (4-5 rows, 24-36” apart) to help with pollination.

Harvest- Ready to be picked approximately 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after silks appear. Silks become dry and brown. The kernels should be plump and full. Test by pressing your fingertip into a kernel, looking for a “milky’ appearance. Best picked in the morning and refrigerate/cool right away.

Tips- Keep weeded and well watered. Plant in fertile soil and add a high-nitrogen organic fertilizer every few weeks until tassels form.

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