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Blue Beauty Organic Tomato

Germ 7-14 days / Indeterminate


Part of our Indigo series, these extraordinary blue almost black tomatoes will be some of the most unique varieties you have ever grown. They were developed with traditional selection and breeding techniques at the University of Oregon, beginning in the 1960's from crossing cultivated tomatoes and wild species from Chili and the Galapagos islands. Young fruits when exposed to sunlight have indigo-purple skin from the pigment Anthocyanin, naturally occurring in blueberries, which is a powerful and beneficial antioxidant. The fruits are ready to harvest when the skin turns bright rosy red on the bottom, shoulders are indigo shaded and the fruit is soft to the touch.


Shoulders start out sapphire blue, darkening to a deep purple-red as they ripen. Abundant amounts of 6-8 oz meaty slicing tomatoes with clusters of fruits hold very well on the vine having great crack and sunburn resistance.

20 seeds
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