Blue Allium

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The color of the Blue Allium is reminiscent of a clear blue summer sky and is also fittingly called Blue-of-the-Heavens. Dense, 1-2” round bundles of tiny blue flowers set atop sturdy stems and are stunning when planted in groups, mixing in well with other spring flowering bulbs and early blooming plants, such as poppies and forgot-me -nots.  

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Allium azureum 'caeruleum'

Perennial, zones 3-8

Bulb Planting Depth: 3-4”

Height: 14-16”

Spacing:  9 bulbs per square foot, 3-4" apart

Light Needs: Full sun/partial shade

Soil Needs:  Average to Fertile, well-drained

Bloom Time: Early summer

Uses:  Flower beds, containers, naturalizing, borders, fresh or dried flower arrangments, attracts pollinators and butterflies, deer resistant, drought tolerant 

Care:  Amend soil with compost before planting bulbs. Feed with a granular flower bulb fertilizer at planting time and/or in the spring when the leaves emerge. Leaves wither and die as they bloom. They will produce small bulbs, “offsets” that can be divided from the main bulb and transplanted after a few growing seasons.