Black Cumin

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Black Cumin, also called nutmeg flower and roman coriander, produce plants 1 foot tall with 1-inch whitish flowers with a hint of blue and produce a large seed pod. Use is primarily culinary, seeds are spicy and aromatic and frequently used in breads and cakes, much as you would poppy seeds.

100 seeds



Nigella sativa


Germination: 7-14 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 65-70ºF

Seed Planting Depth:  Sow on the surface and lightly cover the seed

Starting Indoors: Start indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Provide 65-70ºF soil temperatures. Transplant 3-6" apart around the last frost.   

Sowing Outdoors: Mid-spring when the soil temperature reaches 60-65ºF. Sow a few seeds every 3-6" apart. Thin to the strongest seedling.

Growth Habit: Upright, multi-branching

Height and Width: 12” x 12”

Spacing: 3-6” apart

Light Needs: Full sun 

Soil Needs: Black Cumin needs fertile, well-drained soil

Flowering: 60-70 days 

Harvest: Remove the pods when they turn brown and before they shatter. Place in a paper bag until they are fully ripened and dry

Uses: Culinary, medicinal, flowers attract bees and beneficial insects

Care: Water well during dry weather

Tips: Sow a few times a season, every 3-4 weeks for continuous flowers and seed harvest