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BioSafe Organic Insect Control Spray

Don’t be fooled when you receive this empty bottle. This ingenious idea has 3 individual tubes of Azadirchtin, a botanical/miticide attached to the bottle giving you three individual 32 ounce applications for a total of 96 ounces of applications. Simply pour one tube into the side of the bottle, and fill remainder with water. This non-toxic insecticide is derived from neem seeds and repels insects by inhibiting growth, feeding and reproduction. Use on vegetables and harvest the same day of treatment, on turf, ornamentals, bedding plants and even trees. It doesn’t leave a residue behind so there is no harm to pets, wildlife, bees and aquatic life. It controls: aphids, beetles, borers, caterpillars, cutworms, fungas knats, grubs, leafminers, loopers, mites, moths, stink bugs, thrips, whiteflies and more. Made in the USA and OMRI listed.
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