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Bay Laurel Herb Plant ***Sold Out***


Laurus noblis


Dried leaves of Bay Laurel are used as a flavoring for soups and stocks. It is a tender perennial that can be grown in a container then be brought indoors after the season ends, where it makes a nice houseplant, often it is formed into topiary or grow it directly in the ground and harvest the leaves before the first frost. Full sun. Starts are  2 ½” and are shipped in the spring. Grows 3-12’. Zones 8-11.   


    Bay Laurel is one of four herbs included in our Culinary Herb Plant Collection. Take a look and see what else we have in this collection.           


We love herbs here at Pinetree! We grow them for culinary and ornamental purposes, attracting pollinators or just for the simple pleasure of the wonderful scents they contribute to our garden. We offer a large seed selection, but certain herbs are unavailable from seed, or slow to start, grow, and harvest, within one growing season. Now, we offer herb starts! Fill your garden with culinary, fragrant, and uncommon herbs.

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I did not buy my Bay from here, but I can attest to the worthiness of having this herb for your own. I started with a small tree, 8" tall, in a 3"x3" pot. 12 years later, I now have a tree 5' tall, in a 23 gallon pot (on wheels). I'm in zone 4b, so I wheel it out for the summer, and wheel it back in for the winter. It's gorgeous! I have more than what I could ever need and I'm so pleased to give away lots of leaves as gifts to my friends and family. It is a fabulous house tree and easy to keep pruned into shape to get through the door. For the low price to buy from Pinetree, you'll have all the Bay Laurel leaves you desire for the rest of your life and a great houseplant to boot. It takes little care, just water when the soil goes dry and fertilize once per year.

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