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Backyard Market Gardening ***Sold Out***

: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling What You Grow

By Andre Le

A severe case of GEES, Gardener's Equipment Excitement Syndrome, is what induced Andrew Lee to begin marketing his backyard produce. He just had to get that new tiller! In his first year, he grossed $1,700 (enough for the tiller). Five years later, he had refined his gardens and especially his marketing techniques and was able to take in $36,000 from his one-acre garden. "Fix the soil and get close to your customers", is Lee's foremost advice. At the start of the book, he pays his due homage to the benefits of good, organic soil. There's also how-to advice on tools, season-extenders, and other trade secrets. The real meat of this book is the marketing and business section--over 200 pages--the most complete treatment I've seen. He covers a wide array of marketing possibilities from the front yard card table to producer co-ops, community supported farms, direct sales to restaurants and farm stands--even door to door delivery. There are many articles in here by other market gardeners recounting their unique experiences and sharing successful ideas. It's obvious Andrew Lee has a sincere desire to help other market gardeners get started and he's done a terrific job with this book. Softcover 346 pp
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