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Aromatic Herb Plant Collection *** SOLD OUT***

       West Indian Lemon Grass       
   Pineapple Sage   



West Indian Lemongrass

This lemongrass differs from the East Indian type, which can be grown from seed, the West Indian can only be propagated vegetatively. It has a more bulbous base and larger stems, often preferred in culinary uses with a strong lemon-citrus flavor and scent. It works as an ornamental grass too, in a container or in the ground. We have even brought it indoors for the winter. Full sun. Grows 24-36”. Zone 10-11. 

Pineapple Sage

The fruity aroma of the pineapple-scented leaves is delightful and the brilliant spikes of red tubular flowers arrive at the end of the season, and loved by pollinators. As a tender perennial it can be grown in a pot, brought indoors before frost and when provided with good light, makes a great houseplant. When grown as an annual in the ground, some gardeners have had success overwintering with heavy mulching in colder zones. Full sun. Grows 36-48”. Zone 7-9


Very well known for it's exotic and intense earthy scent. Patchouli, a native to tropical Asia has a history of medicinal uses including antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can be brought indoors and grown on a window sill for the winter, making a nice houseplant. Full sun. Grows to 14-24”. Zone 8-11.


This collection includes 1 plant of each herb. 

    Starts are  2 ½” and are shipped in the spring.