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ARCADIA BROCCOLI (F1 Hybrid 70 days)

Germ 3-10 days
Great broccoli to grow in a compact space. Tightly domed 6-8” heads have small to medium sized beads then continues on with a bumper crop of side shoots. Good freezing variety and wide seasonal adaptability. 30 seeds


Indoors - 4-6 weeks before last frost and 1/4” deep with soil temperature at 65-75 degrees. Liquid fertilize seedlings every 7-10 days. Transplant out just before last frost.

Outdoors – Early spring until mid summer for fall crops. Plant 1/2” deep and 6” apart. Thin seedlings to 18” apart.

Harvest- Pick when heads are tight before flower buds starts to open. For varieties that produce side shoots keep picked for a longer production

Tips - A heavy feeder transplant/direct seed into well composted soil and side dress when buds begin to form.

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