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Classic, non-hybrid, all purpose cauliflower from a Dutch grower is truly “amazing”. Large, uniform plants produce a big, crisp, dense head with both the texture and flavor that gardeners and cooks love. There are plenty of wrapper leaves and if you want maximum whiteness you probably will want to tie them up – although Amazing also self-blanches well. Flavorful heads are produced over a long season. 30 seeds




Germination- 6-14 days

Indoors- 4-5 weeks before last frost 1/4” deep with soil temperature at 65-75 degrees. After germination, grow in cool conditions 57-68 degrees for best results. Liquid fertilize seedlings every 7-10 days. Transplant out when there is little chance of frost.

Outdoors- Early spring until mid summer for fall crops. Plant 1/2 “deep and 18” apart.

Harvest- Tie up leaves around heads to blanch. Watch closely and pick before the curds begin to loosen.

Tips- A heavy feeder transplant/direct seed into rich, well composted soil and side dress when buds begin to form.

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