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Germ 6-14 days
Named for the Spanish word for yellow, not the city in Texas, these lovely, bright lemon-yellow roots are very sweet and juicy. Yellow carrots have been around forever and are the favorites of a few folks here at Pinetree. Roots will grow to eight inches and the size is somewhat variable. Makes an interesting addition to crudités and also retains its sweet flavor when cooked. 300 seeds



Outdoors- Early spring, a few weeks before last frost until mid summer. Sow lightly, 1/4” deep, with soil temperature 50-80 degrees. The cooler the soil the longer it takes for germination, up to 3 weeks. The soil moisture should be maintained regularly until germination. Thin to 1-3” apart.

Harvest– Start when carrots reach finger size for baby carrots or when they turn to a bright orange. Late season carrots hold longer and become sweeter in the cooler weather.

Tips- Use a row cover helps to maintain moisture for germination. Carrots prefer a loose soil, free of rubble. If your soil is heavy with clay, use the shorter varieties. Keep well weeded and cover any exposed carrot with soil to prevent greening.

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