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All New Square Foot Gardening

By Mel Bartholomew. One of the most popular garden books of all time, Square Foot Gardening is now available in a new edition 24 years after its initial publication in 1981. This book is a great way to start gardening or refine your gardening methods. Essentially it asks you to 'think inside the box' and create very compact 4' x 4' raised beds to eliminate 80% of your garden area and chores. It also helps you to rethink how to plan your garden and how often to plant your crops. Bartholomew has preached his gospel to city and 3rd world dwellers to allow almost anyone a basic garden that produces significant food at low cost. In this new edition, Bartholomew has streamlined methods that are easier to implement and is better illustrated. He has changed his methods in relation to soil, location, planting, grids, and seeds. Square Foot Gardening is an invaluable book that will leave a lasting impact on your gardening methods. Softcover 272pp

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