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Seasonal blues? Perk up a corner of your home or office with airplants that live without growing in soil. The airplants are from the bromeliad family called “Tillandsia Ionantha”. They are very easy to grow, requiring minimal care and can live for years. Take on a beautiful reddish-maroon color when coming into bud and will eventually produce flowers when reaching maturity. After blooming, the plant begins producing baby plants or “pups” becoming a multi-plant cluster. Each plant will flower only once in its lifetime but be assured the “pups” will mature and flower starting the growth cycle all over again. With proper care your plants will eventually outgrow the glass orb and you can divide them individually. Includes 3 plants, a clear glass orb that is 6” h. x 4.25" dia. with an oval opening of 2.75" x 2.75". Can be hung with a 36” hemp cord (provided) or can place on flat surface. Complete care and instructions are included.