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Actinovate Lawn & Garden Fungicide (2 oz)

This product can not be shipped to California.

Prevent two devastating diseases, early & late blight, from appearing on your tomato plants. These fungal diseases are deadly and for gardeners that means frustration and loss in fruit production. Blight spores can overwinter in the soil and can also be transported by wind causing wilt and yellowing leaves, followed by stem rot, and fruit rot, eventually killing the entire plant. This organic fungicide effectively suppresses and controls this, along with a wide range of other diseases such as: powdery mildew, black spot, grey mold, damping-off, root rot, foliar diseases and turf brown patch. The beneficial bacteria grows around the root system and foliage to protect your plants up to the day of harvest. It may be used on all vegetables, flowering plants, shrubs and even lawns. Water soluble, it can be prepared in previous beds, indoor seed starting, or as a foliar spray throughout the growing season. The concentrated powder contains the Streptomyces lydicus bacterium. Offered in a 2 oz. packet.

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This product has an expiration date of 7/4/19.