Sweet Potato Shipping Chart

Area Shipping Dates

Sweet Potato Shipping Dates

Orange Apr. 15 – Apr. 25
Green Apr. 22 – May 5
Maroon May 3 – May 13
Blue May 10 – May 20
Purple May 15 – May 25
Yellow May 20 – May 30


Sweet Potato Shipping Information From our Supplier

We believe that shipping is so important that we use a full page to tell you when and how your plants will be shipped.

Over 62 years of growing and shipping experience tells us that the above dates are usually the best time to ship Sweet Potato Plants to the 6 areas above.

Frost has usually gone, the ground has warmed up and your plants will start quickly giving them plenty of time to grow many big potatoes before harvest time.

One customer grew a potato that weighed 10 pounds and 2 ounces. Your plants will be shipped as near as possible to the above dates.

Good plants, properly packed and shipped, will LIVE, GROW, and PRODUCE.