Cow Pots 4" Square (25 count)

$ 9.95

100% biodegradable and a great alternative to plastic and peat! Made of 100% renewable, recycled composted cow manure from a family owned dairy farm in Connecticut. CowPots fully decompose with no waste or odor, providing nitrogen-rich fertilizer to your plants. They can be top or bottom watered. Manure naturally retains moisture, make sure not to over water. CowPots turn dark brown when wet, and light brown when it’s time to water. Give the pot time to harden between watering. To maximize air circulation, leave space between pots. When seedlings are ready for planting, simply place entire pot into the soil, cover, and water. CowPots last for months above ground, but once transplanted into soil, the pots begin to degrade and enhance your soil. Plant roots will penetrate the CowPot wall, eliminating transplant shock. These are the same CowPots we have been selling without the retail packaging. You’ll enjoy more pots at a better value.

25 pots each measuring 4” wide x 3 ¾” high with a 2 ½” base