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Onion Plants 'Redwing'



Hybrid. Intermediate. A new red globe shaped variety with brilliant red skin, extra sweetness, and red interior rings.

We no longer require a 2 bunch minimum.

55-65 plants per bunch

 ***We will not accept orders for onion plants after May 31st***

Onion plants arrive dormant. They will be dry and recover once properly planted. Full sun, fertile soil, and 1 inch of water a week are essential needs for successful onion bulbs. Plant in soil amended with compost, well-aged manure or a balanced fertilizer. Harvest bulbs when the necks have become soft and fall over. Pull up and dry for a few days in the field (if there is not rain predicted) Move indoors to continue drying, 2-3 weeks until stems are dry,( you won't be able to squeeze any water out of the necks) Cut off tops and roots and store in mesh bags, above freezing at 65-70% humidity.

LONG DAY- Northern areas. Bulb out with 14+ hours of daylight

INTERMEDIATE- Widely adapted except far north/deep south. Bulb out with 12-13 hours of daylight.

SHORT DAY- Southern areas. Bulb out with 10 hours of daylight.

SORRY WE CANNOT SHIP ONION PLANTS TO: AK, HI, APO, PR, CANADA and FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Certain counties in ID and WA have quarantine restrictions. Please check to see if you live in any of these counties.