Vermont Compost Company Fort Vee All-Purpose Compost-Based Potting Mix (6 QT)

$ 14.95

Vermont Compost Company's Fort Vee is a robust, moisture-retaining, compost-based potting mix that is perfect for seed germination, soil blocking, transplanting, and houseplants. Named for its vermiculite content, Fort Vee is specially designed for aeration and drainage, which makes the potting mix perfect for healthy root development. Additionally, Fort Vee contains tons of healthy bacteria and fungi communities, which improve overall soil health, and finely ground granite and basalt, which provides a slow-release of minerals to your plants for years after initial use.

Fort Vee or Fort Light? While both are excellent choices for seed starting and potting up, most growers have a preference between the two. You may want to choose Fort Vee if you are looking for a robust soil mix that will retain moisture and perform well in soil blocking and larger-celled trays.

This product is VOF and NOP approved for organic gardening.