Sow and Grow Cut Flower Collection

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We made growing cut flowers simple with this 'Sow and Grow' collection. Easy to grow for the novice gardener and a flower selection that ‘old’ gardeners will enjoy too. No need to start any seeds indoors with this collection, but of course, you can and will get even earlier blooms. A bountiful harvest of flowers will be ready for cutting, starting around 50 days after sowing, from early summer until the end of the season. This collection contains the majestic Oklahoma Zinnia, with the perfect-sized cutting flowers in a rainbow of colors, Tall Mix Centaurea, also known as bachelor buttons or cornflowers, loved by gardeners for hundreds of years. They come in mystical blue shades along with pinks and whites. Pink Surprise Calendula's puffy double flowers will be the first to cut, and the little-known Paper Daisy will reward you with fresh and everlasting bouquets. Cosmos are the free spirits, with dancing and floating flowers going every which way, offering a delicate beauty to arrangements and the sunflower mix grows an array of flowers from short to tall and single to double. The flowers in this collection will not only fill up your vases, the pollinators and beneficial insects will love it too!

Oklahoma Formula Mix Zinnia

 Tall Mix Centaurea

  Pink Surprise Calendula

         Paper Daisy          

 Sensation Mix Cosmos


Perfect as a gift! Or take the guesswork out of starting a specialty garden! These carefully curated selections come attractively packaged in a decoratively wrapped recyclable box with each of the seeds listed, and an instructional insert with plenty of growing tips. We are so excited to share some of our favorites with you! Contents may vary slightly based on product availability.     



  • Prepare the planting area
  • Pull and rake out any weeds. Amend soil with compost and/or add organic granular fertilizer. 
  • Keep well watered for optimum germination
  • Label - sow the seeds in rows or spaces where it is easy to identify
  • Keep well weeded, seedlings don’t compete well with weeds.       
  • Keep watered during dry spells, mulching will help retain moisture
  • Add an organic fertilizer mid-season helps keep the plants blooming strong until the end of the season
  • Deadhead–removing all the dead or dying blooms helps keep the plant flowering 
  • Harvest in the morning
  • Use a sharp tool
  • Place in a bucket of water as you cut
  • Strip the leaves off the stem, prolongs longevity
  • Cut stems every day or two for a longer vase life
  • Misting with a spray bottle keeps color and petals fresh