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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (Organic) 3 oz.

You may know red raspberry for its distinctive flavorful and colorful fruit, but that’s not all it has to offer! Its leaves are used to make herbal tea with various potential therapeutic uses. Red raspberry leaf tea’s biggest claim to fame is its ability to aid in pregnancy, particularly stimulating labor and easing childbirth. With its antioxidant content, the tea is known to help manage inflammation of the digestive system. Additional benefits of drinking the tea may include soothing irritated lungs and throat, supporting menstrual and uterine health, calming irritated skin, and boosting heart health, as well as fertility in both women and men by balancing hormones. It’s a flavorful, tangy tea that is often combined with other tea herbs to give the beverage a more robust flavor. Use red raspberry leaf in DIY herbal body care products too. 3 oz.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (Organic) 3 oz.

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