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Mint Julep Organic Tomato (80 Days)

Germ 7-14 days / Indeterminate


Part of our Wild Boar series. Venture into this new world of gourmet tomatoes and we guarantee that you will be excited, practically sleeping near the plant, lingering, waiting for them to ripen; that moment you finally get to slice your first fruit open. Brad Gates, owner of Wild Boar Farms is a small organic farmer and passionate tomato breeder out of northern California. Using genetics and the natural mutations of heirloom varieties he selected and experimented, creating exotic, open pollinated tomatoes with many amazing colors combination, shapes, sizes,and taste. These are the heirlooms for future generations.


Snazzy, 2 oz tapered pear shaped fruits with chartreuse colored skin that ripens to yellow, overlaid with dark green splashes. Burst of sweet and fruity with just a hint of tartness. Also known as Michael Pollan after the author, journalist, and activist.

20 seeds