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White Oyster Mushroom Log

All the hard work is done! Simply place your log in full shade and in a location it can get rained on (snowed on in colder climates). Leave them outside year-round; they simply go dormant in the winter. The logs are perennial, producing for 4-6 years or longer. The only care required is watering; if you get a period of 2 weeks or more with no rain. Shiitake mushroom logs must best kept outside, in full shade, unsheltered, where they can be rained or snowed on. Hardy to zone 2.


Oyster and shiitake are the most popular and easiest to grow for the novice mushroom enthusiast. Indoor kits and pre inoculated logs are the perfect way to start on the journey of growing your own mushrooms. Oyster type mushrooms grow in shelf like layers and have a mild, earthy flavor. Shiitakes form large meaty caps that are favored for their rich savory flavor and health-stimulating properties. Fresh or dried these mushrooms can be used in many different types of culinary dishes. The indoor kits and pre inoculated logs arrive at your door including detailed directions for successful growing and harvesting of your own mushrooms.     



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