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Winged Bean (75 days)

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Heirloom.A tropical legume plant native to New Guinea, also known as dragon bean, goa bean and four angled bean. The beans have four ruffled edged wings running lengthwise down the pods and the plant grows as a vine, reaching over 9 feet. Every part of the plant is edible; the beans ( harvest at 1-3”), leaves (cooked like spinach), seeds (dried like flour) and the roots, which are similar to potatoes. Optimum growing conditions are hot and humid weather. Day-length neutral.    

10 seeds  



Germination: 10-21 days. For the best germination pre-sprout seeds by soaking in water for 24 hours, until seed in swollen. Scarifying/nicking the seed coat along with soaking can also aid germination. Sow into a pot or put in a plastic bag with a small amount of soil-less mix until it sprouts. Keep at optimum temperature until it is sprouted. Plant when seed sprouts.

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 77-85 degrees F.

Seed Sowing Depth: 1/2” deep

Outside Sowing: Only in warm climates with long growing season.

Starting Indoors: 4-5 weeks before last frost. Provide 77-85 degree F soil temperature for optimum germination. Transplant out after last frost, 12” apart.

How much does a packet plant:5-10 foot single row

Harvest: Start harvesting pods at 1-2” up to 3-4”, they become stringy and tough as they grow larger. All parts are edible; pods, beans, leaves and shoots, tubers,and flowers.

Tips: Grows best in rich, sandy loam.Train to grow vertically, keep soil moist and fertilize sparingly. Needs warm night temperatures for best production, use frost/row cover later in the season, especially in northern climates. When pruned off after the 12th leave it is said to produce more shoots, resulting in more pods.


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