DeWit Serrated Farmer's Dagger

$ 80.95

Through the toughest root systems and stems, dense weeds, and all of your harvesting needs, the DeWit Serrated Farmer's Dagger will stay faithfully by your side. Similar to the Japanese Hori Hori knife, this knife's blade is serrated on one side and straight-edged on the other. This ingenuitive design makes the Farmer's Dagger perfect for sawing, digging, harvesting, transplanting, and so much more. Made of boron steel, the Farmer's Dagger 5mm blade is not only versatile, but also incredibly sturdy. Paired with an ash hardwood handle, this dagger is comfortably lightweight and maintains elasticity, allowing the dagger to flex with your needs.

A high-quality DeWit tool, hand-crafted to last a lifetime. Blade measures 6.5″L x 1.5″W, full tool 12.75″L and 0.85lbs.