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Mexican Tarragon

Tagetes lucida

Also known as Sweet Mace or Spanish tarragon. The edible golden flowers and foliage have an anise flavor, slightly hinted with citrus. Used in gourmet dishes and can be substituted for French tarragon. This plant holds its simple bright flowers for a long time and would be beautiful in herb, flower or container gardens.  100 seeds



Annual, Perennial zone 8 -10

Germination:  7-14 days

Seed Planting Depth: 1/8"

Starting Indoors/Outdoors:  Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Provide 70-75 degree soil temperature.Transplant 12" apart. Sow outdoors in the spring when soil warms up. 

Light Needs:  Full sun 

Soil Needs:  Average, moist but well drained

Uses:Culinary, medicinal, ornamental, dyeing