Cinnamon Orange Herbal Tea (3 oz.)

$ 6.50

This sunset-hued, Cinnamon Orange Herbal Tea is the perfect convergence of citrus, cinnamon, and florals. Hibiscus and rosehips provide a fragrantly herbal, flowery aroma, while orange and cinnamon add a warm, citrussy profile that characterizes this Cinnamon Orange Herbal Tea. Comforting, sweet, and perfect to unwind with. Suggested preparation: place 1-3 tsp (per 8 oz. boiling water) in a tea infuserpour your water over the blend in your favorite mug, then let steep for 4-6 minutes.

Cinnamon Orange Herbal tea is made from hibiscus, cinnamon, rosehips, blackberry leaf, orange peel, cinnamon oil, and tangerine oil. This product is certified kosher, non irradiated, non ETO, and contains no artificial ingredients.