North American Wildflower Mix

$ 1.95

It is equally split between perennials and annuals that should self-seed. Flowers will provide color throughout the season and contains native species as well as non-native species that are adapted to the region. Plants approx. 100 sq ft.

This mix includes: Annual Baby's Breath, Black-eyed Susan, Corn Poppy, Cornflower/ Bachelors buttons, Evening primrose, Liatris, Hairy Beardtongue, Gaillardia, Coreopsis, New England Aster, Lupine, Purple Coneflower, Scarlet Flax, Shasta daisy, Wallflower, Smooth Penstemon, Linaria, Sweet William. Plants approximately 100 square feet.

700 seeds



To create a beautiful meadow, you should carefully prepare the area to be seeded- weed and rake well, removing excess debris.  Sow seed evenly and thinly, cover lightly, tamp down and keep it moist.