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The Stained Glass Garden

by George W Shannon and Pat Torlen. The crafts people here were delighted with these gorgeous, innovative stained glass designs for use and decoration in the garden. Templates and excellent directions (along with color photos) detail every step of the stained glass process and the 27 projects. Two processes are used - copper foil and 3-D lead came. Several nature-themed window panel designs bring the garden inside, but most projects are intended for outdoor use. There's a stunning dragonfly spinner mounted on a copper stand. Garden jiggles stakes are topped with an angel, bee, fairy, or a lovely luna moth. Stain glass garden lighting designs include candle lanterns, magical patio lanterns, and floral torchiers and candelabras. There's a spectacular copper and stained glass garden obelisk. The piece de resistance is the majestic water bird sprinkler, in which a blue heron, pelican or snowy egret stands entwined in a copper sprinkler apparatus (directions provided for making the sprinkler). Magnificent! Hardcover 128pp