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Incredible Corn (F1 Hybrid 84 Days) SE

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This is our choice as the best main crop yellow corn for the home gardener. Ear length is a full 9.5” with a diameter of 2”. Stalks are 8’ tall. Eating quality is definitely first rate due to the presence of the sugary enhancer gene. We get more compliments on this “sugary enhanced” variety than practically anything in the catalog. (SE) Sugar Enchanced

150 seeds


Zea mays

Germination: 7-14 days

Germination Temperature: Optimum soil temperatures 60-85ºF. Planting in soil under 60ºF results in poor germination.

Seed Sowing Depth: 1” deep

Sowing Outdoors: In late spring , after the last frost date , when soil reaches at least 60ºF. Sow 4-6” apart, thin to 10-12” apart. Plant in blocks, 4-5 rows, 24-36” apart to aid with pollination. Corn is pollinated by wind therefore planting in blocks ensures proper pollination rather than one long single row where the pollen can easily blow away resulting in small, poorly filled out ears.

How much does a packet plant: 30-40 foot single row, block of 5 rows at 8 foot.

Harvest: Ready for picking 2 1/2 - 3 weeks after silks appear. Silks become dry and brown. The kernels should be plump and full. Test by pressing your fingertip into a kernel, looking for a "milky" appearance. Best picked in the morning and refrigerate/cool right away.

Harvest Dent or Ornamental Corn: When husks become dried or after one or two frost. 

Harvest Popcorn: When ears are mature, kernels appear shiny and are hard. Remove the husk and let the ears dry for a few weeks. Test pop kernels after a few weeks to see if they are dry enough. Store popcorn by removing kernels or leave them on the ears. 

Tips: Corn needs abundant nitrogen. Add manure (in the fall) or rich compost a few weeks before planting. Add a high-nitrogen organic fertilizer every few weeks until tassels form. Keep well weeded, especially when they are seedlings and well watered, 1 inch a week especially during the silk stage.




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    Cindy M.
    United States

    Incredible Corn (F1 HYBRID 84 days) SE

    This variety has become a staple in our family garden plot for years now and has always been reliable in our unpredictable Flagstaff climate. Relatives drive miles to feast on it.

    David K.
    United States

    We are a bit disappointed

    We are a bit disappointed in the corn seed (Incredible). We have a total of 16 plants that came up. Possible causes are dry weather (although I did some watering) and quite a few mole trails through the garden area. Just hoping for at least a taste as we know that it should be a very tasty and sweet variety.

    Tim S.

    Steady, Solid, Tasty performer

    Half our 1/5th acre garden is always sweet corn and 1/2 of that is always Incredible. It is a great-germinating, good-tasting, great-freezing corn. The ears have easy-to-remove silks so it's easy to prepare for a meal or to freeze. It's has a strong stalk and ears well off the ground. It seems to be drought and bug resistant as any variety can be. If this gets good fertilizer, water, and sun, you will really have corn to be proud of and to enjoy.


    Lives up to its name

    On the 4th day from planting this corn was 4" high. I couldn't believe it. First corn I attempted to plant. Research earworm control before planting any corn. Even with the worms this corn was delicious!!

    P h.

    Good for middle Georgia

    Widely planted by friends and family for roasting ears and for putting up in the freezer.