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Clear Foaming Pump Bottle (8.5 oz)

Perfect for bath and body products such as homemade hand soap. How does foaming hand soap work? Foaming hand soap is a form of liquid soap. It is derived from a diluted form of liquid soap that is infused with air to create a foamy lather as it leaves the dispenser. Clear PET plastic bottle with white polypropylene foamer. Measures 3” l. x 2” w. x 6 ½” h.

Benefits of Foaming Hand Soap:

Reusable- less soap is used per hand washing session with equal cleaning results!
Foaming hand soap can be used to lather without wetting the hands first, thus reducing water usage during hand washing. 
Cost-effective. Wasting less soap means buying less soap.

  1. Add 1 part of liquid soap into soap dispenser.
  2. Pour 4 parts warm water into soap dispenser.
  3. Make sure there's at least 20% air at the top of the dispenser. ( in other words don't fill the container completely)
  4. Gently agitate dispenser to emulsify the soap and water.

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