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Complete Compost Gardening Guide

By Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Martin. Both Barbara and Deborah share a wealth of gardening experience and together they give us an innovative guide that helps change your garden into a healthier and more economical place for your plants as well as saving you time and money. These techniques can create new growing space, solve site problems, host beneficial insects and invigorate your soil during every season of the year. They tell you what is compostable, how to compost in heaps, bins or enclosed composters, composting in underground trenches and holes, and making the most of your compost. They also give you twenty-five plants that will thrive with certain composting methods and some compost fodder crops that will enrich the soil with organic matter and other nutrients and increase your supply of high-nitrogen greens for composting. All these can help you understand and profit from a healthier and more flavorful garden. Softcover 320pp