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Written by a popular food blogger, showcases the wide variety small batch preserving offers every gardener. The author shares favorite recipes and delightful snippets from her childhood, while revealing the diversity of today’s garden produce and the economic benefits of these seasonally prepared recipes. Starting with a basic introduction for boiling water bath canning, your small batches will make easy projects for the canning novice; and the flavors of vanilla bean, sage and pepper as well as other tasty recipes will keep more experienced jammers coming back for more. Pickled Sweet Cherries taste just like cherry pie and go wonderfully with a creamy cheese or as a delicious snack straight out of the jar. Rhubarb syrup in the spring, peach salsa in summer, spicy pickled cauliflower in fall and cranberry ketchup in winter will give you a start to seeing all the possibilities your garden has to offer.

Hardcover – 239pp