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Bob's Red Mill Everyday Gluten-Free (Discontinued)

By Camilla V. Saulbury
Whether you need gluten-free foods or just want a healthier alternative to your everyday life this cookbook will give you wholesome whole-grain and nutrient-dense recipes showing the depth, ease and versatility of these naturally gluten-free ancient grains. Bob’s Red Mill is the number one supplier of consumer whole grains in North America and their best ingredients with these delicious, creative and satisfying recipes makes a winning combination as well as a valuable resource for introducing you to the many gluten-free grains that can become part of your daily meals. So enjoy some new recipes with helpful tips that are sure to become favorites with everyone, like Chocolate Buckwheat Granola, Sicilian Seafood and Quinoa Stew, Bok Choi Chia Salad, Chili Pot Pie with Millet Polenta Topping, Asian Style Amaranth Burgers, and Honey Tahini Blondies. Softcover – 336pp