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250 Treasured Country Desserts

By Andrea Chesman and Fran Raboff
Along with the recipes for delicious tried and true desserts you’ve loved all your life you will find practical hints and tips on everything from how to remove neatly cut brownies from the baking pan to the best way to frost a layer cake. One of the old “receipt” for chocolate cake was from a Hershey’s cocoa tin, probably half the households in the United States ate that cake. Fran and Andrea give us plenty of options, whether your tastes run to chocolate or nuts, spice or vanilla, crisp or chewy there is bound to be a favorite for you to try. There are fancy cakes, for celebrations, special occasions or just good eating, like Spice Cake. Try a Ginger Pumpkin Tea Cake with Lemon Glaze. Who would like to try a Maple Chiffon Pie? Fruit and nut desserts we have Classic Apple Turnovers or Peach Crumble. Puddings and custards are unbelievably good when homemade, and you can finish off with ice cream and frozen desserts which are fast and easy with an incomparable flavor. Softcover – 401pp