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101 Organic Gardening Hacks

By Shawna Coronado

A hack is just a great idea come to life. In this book, you'll find top tips, tricks, and solutions devised and implemented by Coronado, who is one of America's most creative gardeners. Some are practical timesavers; others offer clever ways to "upcycle" everyday items in your garden. Unique ideas from making a “Poor Man’s Olla” to creating trellis garden art made from reused garden tools. One characteristic every hack shares is that they are completely organic and environmentally friendly. For easy reference, each hack is categorized and accompanied by a clear photo that shows exactly how to execute. If you are looking for resourceful ways to improve your garden and promote green living values right at home, you'll love paging through this colorful, eye-catching book.

Paperback – 160 pp