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Brad's Deer Repellent
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Brad's Deer Repellent

Brad’s DIY Essential Oil Deer Repellent

In a 35 oz spray bottle:


1 cup white vinegar

1 TBS light cooking oil

1 tsp liquid/dish soap 

20 drops cinnamon essential oil 

20 drops clove essential oil 

20 drops peppermint essential oil 

Then fill the rest of the bottle with water.

Shake well. Don’t spray plants directly, but instead spray areas around plants. Can also saturate a piece of cloth and place it on a stake near your plants to be protected. Continue to shake in between spraying to keep the ingredients well mixed. 

* May substitute any of the oil above with these as well: Rosemary, Spearmint, & Lemongrass

Brad’s experience:

“It definitely has a more pleasing scent in the garden than those rotten-egg based sprays! I have sprayed the areas surrounding my raised beds (including spraying the wood of my raised beds), repeated every 4-5 days, and re-sprayed after rain. So far, no deer damage to my tulip beds or hydrangeas! The big test- will it deter the pesky groundhogs? Only time will tell!"




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