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How to: Planting Your Hardneck Garlic Bulbs in the Fall

How to: Planting Your Hardneck Garlic Bulbs in the Fall


By the time November rolls around here in the North, our gardens have been cleared out, neatened up and prepped for a long winter rest. Something else you can do in preparation (or longing) for spring is to plant hardneck garlic bulbs before the ground freezes over. Hardneck garlic requires a "sleep" period of sorts after setting it's roots in order to be able to produce in the spring. 


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Plant your garlic in fertile soil by putting a few inches of compost or an organic granular fertilizer to the beds. Make sure your area has been fully tilled before mapping out your garlic rows. They'll need to be 2 feet apart.

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Cut the necks off your garlic bulbs before breaking the outer skin to reveal the cloves inside.

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Dig down 4-6 inches deep for each row.

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Place your cloves flat end down, pointed tip up. The cloves should be planted 6 inches apart and at least 2 inches of soil above the clove.

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Cover loosely with the soil you dug out to create the row.

EEC_1149 - low

Cover with some sort of mulch, like straw, grass clippings or chopped up leaves to prevent weeds, as garlic does not like competing with other growth.

EEC_1156 - low

Ta-da! You're done! It really is that simple, and you'll be able to harvest your garlic as soon as late July.

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  • Mary Murie
    Mary MurieJanuary 25, 2022

    Nothing I look forward to in the mail more than your seed catalog……was introduced to your seeds way back in the 80’s by a fellow member of our local Arkansas goat club……been my main source of seeds ever since.

  • Mona Evans-Graham
    Mona Evans-GrahamJanuary 25, 2022

    First-time planting garlic

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