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Root Vegetables

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  1. Walla Walla Onion


    This near legendary onion is noted for its mildness. In the Northwest it is planted in the fall, over-wintered, and harvested the following spring. It will produce an acceptably mild crop from a spring planting in areas with more severe winters. You can also try to protect it over the winter with a light mulch. We've had mixed results with this method. Worth some experimentation if you crave a mild onion. Long day. 150 seeds. Learn More

  2. Red Wing Onion


    A beautiful red, round onion with a very mild flavor. Color is brilliant maroon, growing paler as you get to the center of the bulb. Bulbs are firm and round. Even those who aren't partial to onions, won't mind this mild addition to a salad or sandwich. This is also an excellent storage onion for months and months of enjoyment. Long day. 150 seeds. Learn More

  3. White Sweet Spanish Onion


    The bulbs will exceed 5 inches in diameter and are pure white and firm, thus storing well. Some of the globe shaped specimens may exceed 2 pounds in weight.Long day. 150 seeds. Learn More

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  4. RED BURGUNDY ONION (100 days)

    RED BURGUNDY ONION (100 days)

    This is a classic red skin onion suitable for southern growers that produces 4 inch with a mild, sweet flavor. It is an excellent slicing variety with white and pink interior rings. It would be best to plan on using this onion up before your other ones, as it is not the longest keeper.Short day 150 seeds. Learn More

  5. Ailsa Craig Onion


    HEIRLOOM 1887 British. This fine large onion has gained a considerable following in the past several years. Bulbs in excess of 3 pounds are possible, but the real virtue of this variety is the quality. Color is a snow-white, centers are bull's eye single, tops are vigorous, and the flavor is very sweet. Great for slicing raw. Every year that we grow it we reaffirm that Ailsa Craig is the biggest, the earliest, and the best. Long day. 150 seeds. Learn More

  6. Gold Coin

    Gold Coin Onion Pelleted

    A very flat, yellow Cipollini. Matures to a medium-small, yellow cipollini onion, avg. 1 1/2-3" diam. x 3/4-1" depth. A great onion for cooking. Learn More



    The standard yellow storage onion for the past century. Bulbs are up to 5 inches wide and can weigh a couple pounds. Skin and flesh are a pleasing yellow. It cures very well in the fall and if stored properly will provide crispy spiciness to dishes all winter. Long day. 150 seeds. Learn More

  8. Copra Onion

    COPRA ONION (F1 hybrid 107 days)

    An excellent storage onion with a distinctive coppery brown skin and medium to large bulbs that are somewhat globular. The onions are as flavorful when you take them out of the root cellar in the Spring as they were the previous Fall. This is a very hard, sweet onion with thin tops that dry quickly.Long day 150 seeds. Learn More

  9. Barletta White Pickling Onion


    A high quality white, perfectly round, 3/4 inch onion for pickling. Also great in a cream sauce for your holiday table. 150 seeds. Learn More

  10. Southport Red Globe Onion


    HEIRLOOM 1873. D.M.Ferry Seed wrote in 1930; "This most excellent medium early or main crop red variety produces bulbs of medium to large size, ideally globe shaped with very smooth glossy surface, very small neck, and remarkably beautiful purplish red color. The flesh is white, tinged with light purple, mild, very fine grained and tender". Long day. 150 seeds. Learn More

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