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Veg Seeds A-Z

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  1. Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts

    LONG ISLAND IMPROVED Brussels Sprouts(85 day heirloom)

    HEIRLOOM 1890s A semi-dwarf plant, no more than 2 feet tall with good yields of 1-2 inch sprouts. Can set 50-100 sprouts on a plant. Until the recent development of hybrids, this was the chief commercial variety. 100 seeds. Learn More

  2. FALSTAFF Brussels Sprouts (95 days)

    FALSTAFF Brussels Sprouts (95 days)

    This open-pollinated variety produces 2 ft plants with unique purple-red sprouts which have a milder flavor than green brussels sprouts. The color intensifies with frost, and can be maintained by steaming the sprouts. 30 seeds. Learn More

  3. Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts

    JADE CROSS Brussels Sprouts (107 days F1 hybrid)

    The 1959 All America Winner, about 2 1/2 feet tall at maturity. The sprouts are borne all the way up the stalk and are good sized. Flavor is excellent and yield very abundant. Rated one of the dozen top vegetable introductions by a panel of experts. 30 seeds. Learn More

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