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Veg Seeds A-Z

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  1. Orange Fantasia Chard


    Another gorgeous new chard that not only has great baby leaves for salads, but also holds its color when cooked. The stalks are a brilliant orange while leaves are a light icy green and heavily savoyed. The 18 inch plants are a colorful highlight to any garden.? 75 seeds Learn More

  2. Sea Foam Swiss Chard

    SEA FOAM SWISS CHARD (53 days)

    This interesting chard doesn't come in a unique color; it just has a great flavor and texture. Shiny, crinkled green leaves cling to a creamy white stem. This variety is mild, tender, and tasty. 75 seeds Learn More

  3. Rhubarb Chard

    RHUBARB CHARD (55 days)

    A striking purplish stalk and red veined leaves distinguish this popular variety. It is characterized by quick growth, yields over a long period if frequently cut, and has a pleasing flavor. 75 seeds Learn More

  4. Bright Lights Chard


    A 1998 All-America Award Winner. Bright Lights is almost neon in appearance and was the talk of our trial gardens. The leaves are green, moderately savoyed with veins of vibrant color, red, orange, or yellow running through them. The contrast is outstanding. Use young raw leaves in a salad (30 days) or briefly cook mature leaves (50 days) to maintain their color. If started indoors 5 to 6 weeks before setting out they can be planted by color for effect in an ornamental edible garden. Developed by Johnny's Selected Seeds. 75 seeds Learn More

  5. Prima Rosa Chard

    PRIMA ROSA CHARD (25-50 days)

    After a long winter, planting a patch of vibrant garnet colored chard will surely give you hope for the warm weather that is to come. Harvest baby greens (similar in appearance to beet greens) for salad and mix in with other early baby greens like kale, mustard, arugula, and lettuce. As is warms and grows, the foliage morphs into a deep crimson red and holds on to its tender texture for a mature harvest. 75 seeds. Learn More

  6. Pink Lipstick Chard


    This is a gorgeous vegetable, with striking bright magenta stems and succulent savoyed leaves. Use it in salad mixes for brilliant color. 75 seeds Learn More

  7. Fordhook Chard

    FORDHOOK CHARD (58 days)

    This old favorite is still a superior variety in several ways--thick leaves, dark green color, and a compact plant with a nice white stalk. 75 seeds Learn More

  8. Cardinal Chard

    CARDINAL CHARD (54 days)

    An improved rhubarb chard, developed in Switzerland.Stems are a deep ruby red, and plants are large and productive. It has a darker color on larger plants compared to Rhubarb chard. Its narrower, savoyed leaves have a mild, slightly sweet flavor that is as nice raw as it is cooked. 30 seeds Learn More

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