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  1. HALES BEST MELON (75 days heirloom)

    HALES BEST MELON (75 days heirloom)

    HEIRLOOM pre1923 The 1936 James Vick Seed catalog says, "An early variety with thick, salmon colored flesh, very spicy, heavily netted". 20 seeds. Learn More

  2. JILL MELON (F1 hybrid 70 days)

    JILL MELON (F1 hybrid 70 days)

    Fruit is round and a bit flattened with a silver-white rind. The flesh is a pleasant green. This 1 1/2 lb melon is exceptionally sweet with a sugar content measured as high as 17%. It can be harvested about a month from the setting of fruit. 20 seeds. Learn More



    A very interesting mixture of a dozen small melons from the region with different maturation times. Included in this mix are Hales Best, Piel de Sapo, Charentais, Green Flash Honey Dew and more. A nice mix of whitish and orange flesh melons. 20 seeds Learn More

  4. JENNY LIND MELON (70 days heirloom)

    JENNY LIND MELON (70 days heirloom)

    HEIRLOOM 1846 An heirloom of great distinction and still the sweetest melon around. Fruits are 1 to 2 pounds in size and have a turban at the blossom end. Flesh is lime green. The 5 foot vining plants are prolific in setting delectable fruits. 20 seeds. Learn More

  5. CRENSHAW MELON (90-100 days)

    CRENSHAW MELON (90-100 days)

    Seductively sweet, spicy aroma and taste, with dense salmon colored flesh. Matures to a golden-greenish rind with the fruit weighing up to 9 pounds. 20 seeds. Learn More

  6. HONEYCOMB MELON (F1 hybrid 78 days)

    HONEYCOMB MELON (F1 hybrid 78 days)

    The first thing we notice with a honeydew melon is the fragrance and Honeycomb is a fine smelling specimen. It is large for a fairly early maturing variety with many exceeding 6 pounds. Honeycomb is known for its high yield, around a 6 fruit per hill. Flavor is great, enhanced by a super high sugar content. Quite disease resistant. 20 seeds. Learn More

  7. Noir de Carmes Melon


    Heirloom 1787. A rare French heirloom preserved by the Carmelite monks of France. It has deep smooth ribs and skin so dark green that it is almost black but ripens to a mottled orange, making it easy to harvest. Aromatic flesh that is gently sweet. Grows 2-3 pound fruits. 15 sds Learn More

  8. Minnesota Midget Melon


    Compact 3 foot vines produce a quantity of 4 inch cantaloupes which mature very early. Has an excellent sweet flavor. 20 seeds. Learn More



    HEIRLOOM 1830 A very spicy flavored old heirloom, as the name implies. Nutmeg produces 1 to 2 pound fruit in abundance even in short season areas. The flavor of the mint green flesh is what sets it apart, exceptionally sweet, aromatic, and spicy. 20 seeds. Learn More

  10. HONEY ROCK MELON (90 days heirloom)

    HONEY ROCK MELON (90 days heirloom)

    HEIRLOOM 1920 In 1936 Henry A Dreer Seed Co. stated: "This new musk melon is outstanding for the delicious sweetness and rich aroma of its tender, luscious, salmon colored flesh. The fruits are almost round. They are of medium size but have extremely thick flesh surrounding the small seed cavity. The skin of the heavy fruits is a grey-green color showing a rough netting". 20 seeds. Learn More

  11. Ambrosia Melon

    AMBROSIA MELON ***sold out***

    We have been partial to this Burpee melon since we first grew it 3 or 4 years ago. It is not the earliest, but acceptably so, with great dependability and a wonderful flavor. The fruits are round and heavily netted with a thick flesh and small seed cavity. They can be harvested a bit before they slip naturally. 20 seeds. Learn More

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  12. Ananas Melon

    ANANAS MELON (100 days heirloom)

    HEIRLOOM US 1824 One of the foremost of the surprising variety of melons grown in the Middle East, Ananas is a smooth, oval three pound melon with golden skin and very sweet white flesh tinged with pink. 20 seeds Learn More

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