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  1. Early Snowball Cauliflower


    HEIRLOOM 1888 Heads are about 5 to 6 inches across and quite erect, top is smooth and an attractive creamy shade. This heirloom variety was introduced in the mid-1800's by Peter Henderson, founder of the Henderson Seed Company. 30 seeds Learn More

  2. Cheddar Cauliflower

    CHEDDAR CAULIFLOWER (F1 hybrid 58 day **Sold Out**

    This unique and beautiful cauliflower is the color of cheddar cheese and retains this dramatic shade when cooked. It is quite early and heads don't need to be tied. Can grow to a size of 2 to 3 pounds with heads 10 inches across. Has a higher vitamin content than white cauliflowers. 12 seeds Learn More

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    This classic, non-hybrid, all purpose cauliflower from a Dutch grower is truly "amazing". The large, vigorous, uniform plants produce a big, crisp, dense head with both the texture and flavor that gardeners and cooks love. There are plenty of wrapper leaves and if you want maximum whiteness you probably will want to tie them up - although Amazing also self blanches well. Flavorful heads are produced over a long season. 30 seeds Learn More

  4. Tip Off Romanesco  Cauliflower


    This vibrant lime green cauliflower has individual florets that spiral upward toward a point, forming a large unique head. This variety is early enough to mature in northern gardens from seed or transplants. An amazing fresh taste with a crisp flavor combination of brocolli and cauliflower. 30 seeds. Learn More

  5. Snow Crown Cauliflower

    SNOW CROWN CAULIFLOWER (F1 hybrid 53 days)

    The heads are medium large with many exceeding two pounds in weight. Reasonably early and the choice if you want a really nice big head. This All America Award winner produces dependably even under adverse conditions.? 30 seeds Learn More

  6. IGLOO CAULIFLOWER (47 days)


    This variety is very popular in the United Kingdom but largely unknown here in the US. The mini heads are about the size of a softball if they are grown with tight spacing but grow quite a bit larger if given more room. Igloo produces standard size curds of a pure white with strong outer leaves for good blanching. 30 seeds. Learn More

  7. Green Harmony Cauliflower

    GREEN HARMONY CAULIFLOWER (F1 hybrid 55 days)

    A unique hybrid combining some of the characteristics of broccoli and some of cauliflower. The color is an attractive lime green, but the shape is distinctly that of a cauliflower. Flavor is a mild combination of both. The sturdy heads don't need wrapping. Also known as a brocoflower or floccoli. 30 seeds Learn More

  8. CAULIFLOWER MIX (53-80 days)

    CAULIFLOWER MIX (53-80 days)

    Germ 6-14 days. A mix of our varieties that will help extend the harvest season. 100 seeds. Learn More

  9. Minute Man Cauliflower


    A very early, pure white, high domed cauliflower that is sure to please on that crudites platter or cooked. Minuteman replaces Early Dawn and has similar attributes. Early, compact but still exceeding 2 pounds, smooth as opposed to grainy, and erect, clean plants. Fine flavor, can be planted quite densely. 30 seeds Learn More



    This fine old Italian brassica is another one that kind of blurs the line between broccoli and cauliflower. Heads are quite large by broccoli standards, smallish for a cauliflower. The color is lovely light purple for an interesting contrast in crudite, when cooked, as with beans, the color turns green. Flavor is tasty and side shoots develop after the central head is harvested. 30 seeds. Learn More

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