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  1. Slim Jim Eggplant

    SLIM JIM EGGPLANT (60 days)

    Another terrific variety from our Italian friends at Fratelli Ingegnoli. Exceptionally early, we were harvesting eggplants from Slim Jim before some of the other varieties even had blossoms. Harvest at any size but 4 to 5 inches is good. Fruits are long, slender, and purple. Flavor is mild. The plant itself is flower garden pretty, a lovely soft purple color. 30 seeds. Learn More



    Eggplants originated in India and were brought to Europe by Arabs in the 13th Century. They were actively cultivated in Italy by 1550 and sometimes referred to as "Madapple" due to the alleged ill effects of eating the skin. This sturdy, early variety will produce dozens of finger sized white fruit, if your fingers are exceptionally large. You can plant as many as 3 plants in a large container and harvest fruit throughout the summer. 30 seeds. Learn More

  3. Pingtung Long Eggplant


    Asian HEIRLOOM An open-pollinated oriental eggplant variety, imported from Taiwan. Fruits are elongated and slender, averaging 10" long and 1 1/2" to 2" across with a lovely, lavender-purple colored skin and white interior flesh. Bred to be resistant to many diseases, as well as tolerant to wet and hot conditions. A good yielder, with fruit weighing about 1/2 lb. each. 30 seeds. Learn More

  4. Turkish Orange Eggplant


    Turkish HEIRLOOM Originally from Turkey and quite popular in all the Mediterranean countries. It produces dozens of 2 oz, orange-red fruit that resemble small tomatoes. Plants are very tall, as much as 4 feet and it is reported that the fruits are best eaten when still green or beginning to change color. Matures in 60 days from transplants. 30 seeds. Learn More

  5. Longship Eggplant

    LONGSHIP EGGPLANT (F1 hybrid 65 days) *SOLD OUT*

    The tall plants produce pretty purple blossoms which soon produce 10" long and 1" diameter eggplants. Fruit are slightly curved and the purple-red skin is very lustrous. Longship is the perfect size for slicing. Try roasting slices with garlic and olive oil for a great pizza topping. 30 seeds. Learn More

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  6. Ophelia Eggplant


    This is a very interesting alternative for the patio that will produce dozen of fruit over the course of the season. Eggplants are small, a little over 2 oz each, and born in clusters like a tomato. They look just like a miniature eggplant with a deep purple color and an oval round shape. Plants are smallish and compact but will require a pretty good sized pot. Flavor is fine and ophelia makes a very nice hors d'oevres. 20 seeds Learn More



    Although one of the later maturing varieties, this eggplant stands out with its appealing color and shape. The fruits are a unique and attractive white with purple-pink blush and a green calyx. Plants are stocky and compact, 14-16" tall, and are well foliated with thick, soft and fuzzy leaves. Tender flesh and elongated shape, averaging 8" by 1 1/4", make them well-suited for grilling or roasting. 30 seeds. Learn More

  8. BLACK EGG EGGPLANT (70 days)

    BLACK EGG EGGPLANT (70 days)

    The fruit resemble black bombs or teardrops because both the skin and the calyx are a deep black with a purplish tinge. There are probably others but this is the only eggplant we know of with a black calyx. Japanese in origin, Black Egg produces unusually tender fruit on vigorous 3 foot plants. Sets fruit early (even in cool weather) and also is best picked early. 30 seeds. Learn More

  9. Black Beauty Eggplant


    HEIRLOOM 1902 Broad, thick, attractive fruits on sturdy, tall, upright plants. Flavor and quality are just as good as the hybrids, maybe better, but definitely later. 30 seeds. Learn More


    PUMPKIN PEPPER **sold out**

    A real staple of fall craft displays it is neither a pumpkin nor a pepper but an eggplant. The 20 inch plants can produce close to 30 fruit each and they are easily dried simply by hanging the entire plant upside down. Dried they get very hard, hold their shape, and will not mold. 10 seeds. Learn More

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