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  1. Kossack Kohlrabi

    KOSSACK KOHLRABI (F1 hybrid 60 days)

    This giant kohlrabi can reach the size of a bowling ball, and still remain quite tender. The skin is light green with white sweet flesh. The leaves can be eaten like collard greens. Kossack will store a month or more in the refrigerator or root cellar. 40 seeds. Learn More

  2. Grand Duke Kohlrabi

    GRAND DUKE KOHLRABI (F1 hybrid 50 days)

    A 1979 All American selection and still a favorite for both earliness and flavor. Kohlrabi is also called cabbage-turnip and appropriately so, the turnip-like balls are held cleanly above the ground with a cruciferous, "cabbagey" flavor. The 4 inch globes are crisp and tender and Grand Duke holds well, meaning that you can leave it in the garden for a while without it becoming woody. 40 seeds. Learn More

  3. Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi


    HEIRLOOM pre1860 According to the 1930 DM Ferry catalog: "Very early with small top, the leaf stems being tinged with purple. Bulbs of medium size, purple; flesh white. Desirable for forcing and early outdoor planting". 40 seeds. Learn More

  4. Kolibri Kohlrabi

    KOLIBRI KOHLRABI (F1 hybrid 43 days) *sold out*

    We were very impressed with this kohlrabi from a prominent Dutch grower. If you start from transplants, it and kale will be the first cole crops that you harvest in just 40 days from transplanting. The exterior is a very attractive medium purple and the interior a crisp, clear white. Flavor is fine, delicate for kohlrabi. We continued harvest over a seven week period and by the end the size of the globes exceeded a pound, but they were not at all woody. 40 seeds. Learn More

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    HEIRLOOM pre1860 Early maturing bulbs provide an excellent, nut-like flavor. Has few leaves. An interesting contrast with ornamentals. 40 seeds. Learn More

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