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Fruit & Veggie Seeds

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  1. Nero di Toscana Kale

    DINOSAUR KALE (Nero di Toscana)

    HEIRLOOM 1885 Also known as Tuscan Black Palm or Lacinato. A unique kale with very large, rounded, well filled, meaty leaves. Plants are large, hardy, and vigorous, and the flavor is bold. 30 seeds. Learn More



    HEIRLOOM 1863 Kale is so attractive it can be grown for its appearance alone. Finely curled blue-green leaves are carried on compact, 1 foot plants. Good fresh or cooked, either before or after a frost. Plant at the rate of four plants per square foot. 30 seeds. Learn More

  3. Redbor Kale

    REDBOR KALE (F1 hybrid 55 days)

    A beautiful purple-red kale with very curly tender leaves. Redbor has a wonderful flavor either raw or cooked. While it is ready to harvest in just 7 weeks it also lasts well into the fall and the normally 2' foot plants can rise to a height of 5 feet in a long growing season. Regrows well after leaves are harvested and the flavor actually improves after a light frost. 30 seeds. Learn More

  4. STARBOR KALE (F1 hybrid 45 days)

    STARBOR KALE (F1 hybrid 45 days)

    An excellent variety for home gardeners due to its compact growth habit, lovely blue green color, good flavor, and frost tolerance. This one stands out as the choice for the discriminating grower to whom plant size is not the primary consideration. 30 seeds. Learn More

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