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  1. Reflect Spinach

    REFLECT SPINACH (F1 hybrid 38 days)

    Reflect strikes a nice compromise between the newer breeding - smooth and round for ease of cleaning - and traditional spinach - more oval and ruffled. Reflect is also our earliest spinach and in April I will harvest anything that is bigger than my thumb. High in vitamins A & C, spinach has an immediate, positive effect on your entire system. 75 seeds Learn More


    MALABAR SPINACH - RUBRA (110 days)

    Start this one indoors in the north. Transplant to a place where it can climb. The large, meaty leaves are remarkably spinach-like in flavor. In fact, Basella Alba, this plant, is used very effectively in the agricultural display at Epcot center. 100 seeds Learn More

  3. VIROFLAY SPINACH (47 days heirloom)

    VIROFLAY SPINACH (47 days heirloom)

    French HEIRLOOM 1866. Described in the 1866 Vilmorin catalog as the Monstruex de Viroflay, it is a very large spinach. The trowel shaped leaves measure 8" x 10" and are only slightly savoyed. Color is dark green and the low acid foliage stays tender at any stage of development. This spinach is one of the most vigorous we have seen. 75 seeds Learn More

  4. Space Spinach

    SPACE SPINACH (F1 hybrid 41 days)

    Leaves are spoon-shaped and not at all savoyed for ease of cleaning. Color is a pleasant dark green and the flavor is excellent. With a high percentage of female plants, it is very resistant to bolting. In both our trials and those of the Dutch grower who developed it, Space was the highest yielder, primarily due to the long season over which harvest was possible. 75 seeds Learn More

  5. Gigante di Inverno Spinach


    "Giant of Winter". Broad and pointed wavy leaves grow in a compact upright habit. It grows well when sown in the chilly temperatures of very early spring and also a perfect choice for late summer and fall plantings, due to its extreme cold tolerance. 25 seeds. Learn More



    A large packet that gives you all the textures, flavors, and maturities of most of the spinach varieties that we sell plus a few more. This mix includes: Bloomsdale Long Standing, Giant Noble, and Space. 1/2 ounce packet, approx 1200 seeds. Learn More

  7. New Zeland Spinach


    This perennial spinach substitute has been grown since before the Revolution. A staple of the dooryard gardens at Sturbridge Village. Seeds are large and slow to germinate, so be patient. Properly known as tetragone, the flavor is quite similar to real spinach. 15 seeds Learn More

  8. DASH SPINACH (F1 hybrid 39 days)

    DASH SPINACH (F1 hybrid 39 days)

    This extra early hybrid also is very tolerant of cool weather so it is an ideal choice for both very early, and very late plantings. The upright, spade shaped, medium green leaves are both smooth and delicious. 75 seeds Learn More

  9. Tyee Spinach

    TYEE SPINACH (F1 hybrid 42 days)

    Leaves are thick, dark green, and semi-savoyed (moderately crumply). Flavor is very good, both in salads and cooked. Tyee possesses the excellent combination of being both a fast grower and slow to bolt. Here, a planting of April 19 did not begin to bolt until June 23. Also gets good results in a fall planting. 75 seeds Learn More

  10. Giant Noble Spinach

    GIANT NOBLE SPINACH (heirloom)

    HEIRLOOM 1926 Also known as Long Standing Gaudry. According to the 1936 James Vicks Seeds catalog, "Grows about 10 inches high. Large deep green leaves, thick and tender, with rounded tips. A good sort for the home garden". 75 seeds Learn More



    HEIRLOOM 1925 Dark green frilly leaves and excellent flavor characterize this early spring variety. 75 seeds Learn More

  12. Strawberry Spinach


    HEIRLOOM This ancient plant was rediscovered growing at old monasteries and is popular in Europe. Triangular shaped, bite sized, saw toothed leaves, have a spinach flavor and are great in salads. Let it go to seed and it produces slightly sweet, minute strawberry-like fruit at every leaf axle that adds a bright, unique decoration to salads. This plant is a real heat lover making it a supreme choice for greens in the middle of the summer season. An early planting from March is still producing leaves here in August and we still haven't let it go to seed. 100 seeds. Learn More

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