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    Wash, spin dry, and serve all in one attractive bamboo bowl. The bamboo bowl is lightweight yet durable and moisture resistant while the inner basket serves as a colander. The white plastic lid has a retractable cord, similar to starting a lawn mower, that will whirl the inner basket effortlessly and the cord locks to lid for storage. 10" diameter by 61/2" height. Learn More



    Compliment the bamboo salad bowl with a pair of bamboo salad tongs. 12 inches long. Learn More



    If you're not growing those slender French beans this year, you'll want to try this French bean slicer to make delicate slices from your larger beans. Well made, this heavy-duty cast aluminum construction has steel cutting blades and will clamp securely to any surface up to 1.25" thick. Simply feed fresh green beans into the hopper and turn the crank handle. The hopper is 1" x 1 1/4" can hold approximately 4-6 regular sized beans or a couple larger Romano beans or the overgrown ones that simply got hidden from your last picking. Made for right handers. Learn More

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    Special Price: $24.95

  4. Beautiful Madness


    by James Dodson. A writer by trade, as Dodson developed a passion for gardening, he became curious about how this obsession affected others. A year-long journey through other peoples gardens brought him all over the world and introduced him and his readers to wonderful cast of characters. An amiable person who connects easily with others, Dodson found that one obsessed gardener always leads to another, then another. He started his year behind the scenes at the Philadephia garden show. Then he traveled around public and private gardens in the US, until someone convinces him he must see the Chelsea Garden Show. Off to Chelsea and more gardens in Britain until he finally, he hooks up with a nurseryman who invites him on a plant hunting safari in South Africa. It's a lot of fun traveling with Dodson. He is funny, warm, generous, and insightful about all the gardens he encounters. Hardcover 289pp. Pub at $24.95 Learn More

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $4.98

  5. Tabletop Gardens


    by Janice Eaton Kilby. Tabletop gardens are a wonderful way to satisfy that gardening urge indoors. This book showcases 30 tabletop projects that will spur your creativity and bring the outdoors inside. There are no stuffy, waxy plants here! In these gardens, plants are combined for stunning effect. There are colorful succulent gardens, herb gardens, terrariums, forced bulbs, a watergarden, cactus garden, a rosemary topiary, zen sand, sensory grass, orchid and curly bamboo gardens, and more! Part of the fun of these gardens is the innovative containers that compliment the plants - salad gardens in vintage enamel ware, a bog garden in an old drawer lined with plastic, a fairy moss and lichen garden on a pretty old plate, for example. Plants with the same basic needs are combined for easy care and there is a good chapter covering basic indoor plant care. Hardcover 128pp Pub at $24.95 Learn More

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $6.98

  6. Birds in Your Backyard


    By Robert J. Dolezal. This book can help you make the most of your backyard! Amateur and experienced birders alike will find this guide very useful for enjoying birds and butterflies in their backyards. It is filled with colorful illustrations and photos giving you step by step directions for creating sanctuaries with feeders, bird houses, plants that attract them, feed and seed basics, bird watching and a field guide to backyard birds. It has directions to take the birdhouse gourds you grew and make them into feeders or birdhouses for your little feathered friends to enjoy, as well as many more projects. This is an excellent guide that will be used over and over. Softcover 272pp Learn More

    Regular Price: $26.95

    Special Price: $17.98


    BLOSSOM CROWN - sold out

    Floral design made simple! Shape and position the metal doily over the top of a vase and add your flowers through the mesh holes. No more drooping and the flowers are supported in place just where you want them. Learn More

    Out of stock

  8. Blue Press Top Bottle


    This plastic 8 oz. bottle used for homemade soaps, detergents, body washes, shampoos and a variety of other uses. Learn More

  9. Blue Pump Bottles


    This is a plastic cobalt blue 8 oz bottle. It can be used for homemade lotions, detergents, shampoos and a variety of other uses. Learn More

  10. Buffalo Bird


    As told by Gilbert L. Wilson. A book that is hard to put down - one of the most interesting we have read. In 1917, anthropologist Gilbert Wilson recorded the recollections of a year of gardening activities of Buffalo Bird woman, a Hidatsa Indian born in 1839 in North Dakota and raised in the tradition of sustainable agriculture. It is a fascinating account of how the women (they did all the agricultural work) broke ground with a digging stick and planted extensive crops of corn, squash, beans and sunflowers. Buffalo Bird Woman tells of seed varieites, harvesting, drying, saving seed and food preparation. She also recalls songs, stories and ritualistic ceremonies essential to a successful harvest. Captivating reading. Softcover 129pp Learn More

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  11. Bug Off


    By Jerry Baker. Jerry Baker, America?s Master Gardener, has written over 50 books of old-time advice, down-home wisdom and the best remedies on earth. With this book he gives us 2,193 super secrets, including amazing tips, tricks and tonics for battling bad bugs, outfoxing crafty critters and evicting voracious varmints. Jerry gives descriptions of the pests, how to identify the damage they cause, how to get rid of them and how to prevent them from coming back. His home remedies using common household products and use of companion plants to repel pests are simple but effective and a lot safer than all the chemicals used every year. A fully, delightful book containing lots of tidbits and facts for everyone to enjoy. Softcover 374pp Learn More

    Regular Price: $25.95

    Special Price: $19.98



    A 10 1/2 in plastic color wheel that shows you how to plant your favorite tall, medium and short bulbs to get your garden looking like it was done by a professional. Features bloom times, planting depths, sun requirements and with a dial of the wheel you can come up with 500 different flower combinations to choose from. Learn More

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price: $6.96

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