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  1. Worm Tiller


    A 39” claw-type long handle tool with comfort grip handles that turns and aerates the soil. Great to cultivate around hard to reach areas or raised beds. Learn More

    Regular Price: $18.95

    Special Price: $16.95

  2. Giant Pumpkins


    By Don Langevin. This is the forth book that Don has written on giant pumpkins. Here, Don takes a new, organic approach to growing them and also introduces the concept of the Soil Food Web for maximizing the potential of plants. He gives you a complete history of giant pumpkin growing since the rise in weights in 1857 and the modern history starting in 1976. The lineage of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin, (which we sell) the only variety used by competitive pumpkin growers, is explored in a way that shows the genetics of the present day Atlantic Giant and also gives information on soil preparation, seed selection, seed starting, protection, critter control, pollination, insects and diseases, estimating weight, lifting and more. Since Langevins first book in 1993, the world record has gone from 827 pounds to 1689 pounds with more that 135 1300 pound pumpkins sanctioned at regional weigh offs. This book also includes many colorful photos of the pumpkins and the people who have grown them. Softcover 194 pp Learn More

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price: $19.98



    World renowned Woodstock Chimes have the most delightful precision sounds that play gracefully in the wind. The quality and craftsmanship is far superior to the ones you’ve seen in most stores. The top has a 2 1/2” diameter cherry wood disk with four silver tubes that are 7” long. A hand-painted hummingbird dangles below, adding a colorful touch to this wind catcher. Overall length: 15”. Learn More

    Regular Price: $36.95

    Special Price: $19.95


    WONDER SOIL 18 WAFERS - sold out

    The 18 wafers are equivalent to 15 lbs of potting soil, all contained in a portable storage tube! These 2 1/2" wafers will expand 18 times their volume when mixed with water. This proven soil-less formula is made with coconut coir, peat moss, nutrients and water-absorbing polymers, taking the guess work out of watering. Not only do these wafers promote healthy plants with less work, they also promote a stronger root system and reduced watering up to 50%. Great for containers and portability. Learn More

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    This weather monitor offers you accurate indoor/outdoor temperatures without running wires outside. The dual display is easy to read and shows the indoor temperature on the left and the outdoor on the right. It can read in the range of 32 degree F to 122 degree F. The remote sensor has a transmission range of up to 100 feet and a temperature range of -40 to 158 degrees. We find it ideal to have in the greenhouse finding it performs best when the sensor is placed in a location protected from direct sunlight and rain. Requires four “AAA” batteries (not included). Learn More

    Regular Price: $35.95

    Special Price: $29.95

  6. Wilt Pruf


    A protective spray to hold moisture during periods of drought, high winds or freezing temperatures. Use on rhododendrons, evergreens, boxwood, azaleas, laurels and other ornamental shrubs. 1 quart ready-to-spray bottle. Learn More

    Regular Price: $10.98

    Special Price: $8.98

  7. Wildlife Gardeners Guide


    by Janet Marinelli. This Brooklyn Botanic Garden Guide is just packed with specific suggestions for attracting wildlife in all regions of the country. The author says she found most wildlife gardening guides too general, so she developed 10 projects with step-by-step directions for each. They can be incorporated into existing gardens or started from scratch. The projects are: Bird Gardens, Stopover Gardens for Migrators, Evergreen Refuges, Flower Borders, Container Gardens for Wildlife, Butterfly Gardens, Water for Wildlife, Beneficial Insect Buffet, and Housing Projects. They focus on using native plants since wildlife have co-evolved with natives and are more attracted by them. Each plan lists plants for each region of the country. Superb color photos offer close-up views of the wonders of wildlife gardening. Softcover 119 pp. Learn More

    Regular Price: $13.95

    Special Price: $9.98



    A 10 1/2 in plastic color wheel that shows detailed color illustrations help identify the most common feeder birds by their physical characteristics and behavior and regions where they are most likely to live. A portion of the sales will go to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, leaders in the study and conservation of birds. Learn More

    Regular Price: $9.95

    Special Price: $6.95

  9. Water Gardens


    by Yvonne Rees and Neil Sutherland. Water gardens, once a rarity, are available to any energetic do-it-yourselfer. Materials can be obtained at most garden centers or around the house. We like this book because its 16 projects are on the simpler end of the water feature scale. Most are in containers - water gardens, bog gardens and fountains. Others involve adding novelty water features or a waterfall to the garden. The book also has much other useful information for water gardeners. It covers the basics such as styles, liners, edgings, and installing water pumps, filters, and fountains. It also has an extensive plant section beginning with waterlilies, other floaters, and oxygenators and spreading out to the marginal moisture loving plants that help fit the water garden in the landscape. Numerous color photos adorn each page. Hardcover 140pp pub at $22.95 Learn More

    Regular Price: $22.95

    Special Price: $3.98



    These sturdy plastic molds are strong enough to make at least 25 stepping stones with careful handling. Simply grease the molds and fill with a basic mortar mix or cement that you can find at your local hardware store. Paints and coloring can be added to customize your stones or you can leave them in their natural concrete color. Sixty pounds of mortar mix usually makes approximately 5 stones and takes only 24 hours to set. Complete instructions are included with each mold. A rectangular shaped stone with a naturally curving outline. A frog perches on one edge, while two lily pads and a water lily adorn the other. 13" X 12".? Learn More

    Regular Price: $16.95

    Special Price: $12.98



    Similar to the (H433) described above, this fly tape is narrower yet longer and has a unique 3D patterns and colors highly attractive to flies. Attach to a metal ring, hook or angled nail and pull apart by holding onto handle provided. 4 inch x 19 foot roll. Learn More

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $7.95

  12. Vegetarian


    Consultant editor Nicola Graimes. "Vegetarianism is not just about achieving optimum health, but should also be an enjoyable and delicious way of eating." This is just part of the introduction to this book with over 300 healthy and wholesome recipes from around the world. Each page contains vibrant photos with easy-to-follow recipes and tips. This book introduces you to the basics of vegetarian wholefood diet, with the essentials of good health. It tells you the different fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouted seeds, grains, soybeans and dairy (and more) as well as how to store them. These facts about key health benefits and traditional healing qualities can help us live, look and feel better. Making your own Apricot and Almond Muesli for breakfast is delicious and healthier for you than anything in the local grocery store. With the variety of ingredients included in this book it's easy for you to try the more unusual vegetables from the worldwide section of our catalog, like Celeriac and Blue Cheese Roulade or Cilantro Ravioli with Pumpkin Filling. Even the more common vegetables from your garden can be transformed into a new and unique dish like Spiced Carrot Dip. Hard cover 512pp. Learn More

    Regular Price: $14.98

    Special Price: $9.98

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